Working Out When You Lack Sleep

If a person is really committed to get the body they want, to being fit and healthy, they will not allow anything to become a hindrance between their workouts. Even though they are on a very busy schedule, they see to it that they can pursue their workout schedule. On this case, if a person’s workout place is located on his or her room, pursuing the workout schedule is not that hard.

Commitment towards your goal -being fit and healthy- is a very great idea, especially for your body.  But others tend to be too committed that even though they are sick or lack sleep they still go for an exercise. If you say being fit and healthy, it does not only refer to exercise and proper diet. But it also pertains to balanced activity and rest. So the biggest question here is that: If you are exhausted because you haven’t had enough sleep, is it okay to go for a workout? Let us find out what happens when you exercise even though you are tired. And when can you say you are really “tired for an exercise”?


Below Standard Performance

According to studies, even if you miss only a night of sleep your workout can be effected. International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health’s published study says that workout performance declines and your reaction time is decreased. You will have harder time in machine operating and driving. Your mental function is affected as well. Your memory and decision making skills is impaired. Not to mention pain sensitivity. It is increased with lack of sleep and you feel it hard to do your usual routine even if you use the same effort.

One more study showed that if you do endurance exercises when you lack sleep, your perceived exertion level is much higher than usual. So you feel harder even if you ran short distance only. Therefore, if you lack sleep and do workout, you will likely have less production and still feel very tired after.

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High Risk for Injury

Given that you have decreased reaction time and your thinking and judgement skills are all negatively affected by your lack of sleep, it is obvious that you are prone for injury. So would you rather take a sleep or go for a workout just to not break your routine but get a high chance of getting injured? Think about it first before you head to the gym.


Low Immune System

Talking about your immune system while you lack sleep and feels exhausted, one thing you need to know is that it doesn’t need much deprivation from sleep to make your immune system low. Cortisol is a body hormone that makes you more susceptible to bacteria and being sick. Getting not enough sleep increases your cortisol level thus makes your immune system weak. And if you go to the gym and put yourself out to all the viruses there. If you haven’t had enough sleep or you feel tired, it is better to rest first rather than risking your health. Sleep and get you immune system back up. And you are ready for your workout (without any risks).

low immunity

Cumulative Effect

Weaker immune system, decreased performance, reaction time and cognitive function are the effects of not having enough sleep for a few nights. And if you go for a workout after a sleepless night, those effects will decrease even more. So you will most likely end up having unproductive workout for many days and will more likely to get sick.

cumulative effect

Slows Tissue Repair

Another thing that cortisol can affect to your body is that it slows down repair of your body tissues. Also, during deep sleep production on anabolic growth hormones happen. So if you lack sleep, you will have hostile metabolic environment for tissue growth and repair. It is always better to take enough sleep or get enough rest to not stress your body out and not to make your body high risk for getting sick.

Other Reasons Why Sleep is Important

Sleep does not only give you productive workout sessions, full mental capacity, and strong immune system but also it affects the following:

  • helps you build muscles
  • lessen your risk for health problems such as Diabetes type II, Obesity, and other heart diseases
  • gives positive mood
  • recovers stress

Always give your body a balance activity and rest plus a good and healthy diet. There are several types of illnesses nowadays and you can actually win over them. Just by taking good care of your body. And with enough sleep, workout productivity is maximized if you had a good one.