Why Sweet Potatoes Is Best for Workout

If you want to lose some weight by cutting your calorie consumption, try to add sweet potatoes on your regular diet meal. By doing so, it can help you in your aim to lose some pounds and at the same time have something which contains large amounts of nutrient rich foods. Despite the fact that sweet potatoes have only 112 calories on it per serving, nothing from it is fat. 2 grams of a sweet potato is composed of protein and the greater than 100% of it is vitamin A which is recommended for a day to day intake. Vitamin A is a nutrient which aids the immune system in its responsibility in fighting away harmful bacteria or viruses in the body. It also helps the bones and eyes to stay healthy and well- functioning. More of the sweet potatoes benefits are that it provides certain amounts of vitamin B-6, vitamin C, and folate. The mineral content of sweet potatoes gives off some benefits as well. It gives about 20% of daily recommended iron intake, 25% phosphorus and 10% zinc, calcium, and magnesium.

Fiber Men are recommended to have a fiber intake of 38 grams on a daily basis while women should have a fiber intake of 25 grams. A medium size sweet potato gives off 4 grams of recommended fiber compared to a bowl served with oatmeal on it and contains only about 3 grams. Getting fiber on a regular basis can help lower the cholesterol level and help protect the progression of any cardiovascular disease. It also aims to regulate the blood sugar level and aid in weight loss diet. Foods that are rich in fiber makes you feel fuller and contented after eating which keeps the appetite satisfied for a longer time period.

Carbohydrates A cup serving of sweet potatoes provides 28 grams in total of complex carbohydrates. It is rich in nutrients but contains lower calorie level so it does not have that pure beneficial effect if you are aiming to lose some weight specifically. However, sweet potatoes can provide you extra boost of energy which causes to burn calories more in between meals. The carbohydrates contained on it helps the brain to function well and to produce glucose (a form of sugar) which helps to keep you awake, more energetic, and alert avoiding lethargy.

Purple Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes in the US have typically orange or yellow flesh produce but in countries located in Asia most specifically, their sweet potato produce are commonly purple in color. They are rich in anthocyanin compounds which prove to be a powerful antioxidant property. Researchers in Korea in the year 2011 have studied the sweet potatoes with purple flesh produce, the effects of its extracts on adipocytes, also known as fat calls. The study has proven to decrease the hormone leptin’s secretion in the body. This hormone is responsible mainly in controlling the body’s fat mechanism thus the study provided facts regarding its benefits on promoting weight loss and preventing obesity.

Substitutions Sweet potatoes have different uses. It can be added or eaten to replace fat rich foods which we already know is unhealthy to create a meal low in calories. You can simply mix some sweet potatoes on a bowl of soup, casserole, or stew to naturally thicken it without the use of creams with high fat content on it. Moreover, you can add sweet potatoes on quick breads and eat it as snacks or as desserts. By doing so, you are skipping a fat-full calorie treat and replace it with a healthier choice of nutrient- dense and low calorie foods.

Other Benefits of Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes can also be a great source of other recommend nutrients, which helps keep you stay fit and healthier as you aim for that significant weight loss. The bright colors of the sweet potatoes are from the beta- carotene. An orange colored pigment that the body converts to gain vitamin A. This vitamin A supports the healthy functioning of the eyes for a better vision. It also helps maintains the immune system mechanism and promotes growth of healthy new cells in the body. An enough single serving of these sweet potatoes (baked, 1 piece or mashed, 1/2 cup) provides the recommended vitamin A nutrient value needed by the body on a day to day basis.

Sweet potatoes provides vitamin C as well as to keep the connective tissues in your hair and skin strong through the collagen production support. Vitamin C also protects the tissues from any harmful damage and acts as a great antioxidant. Baked sweet potatoes contain 37 % of vitamin C and a 1/2 cup mashed sweet potatoes gives 35 %.

Weight-Loss-Friendly Serving Tips Try to skip the high in calorie content sauce or toppings when you eat you sweet potatoes to lose some pounds. Instead, use some plain non- fat containing Greek yogurt and some freshly chopped chives served as a side dish for your regular sweet potato servings. Like for instance, top on salsa and a few steamed vegetables on your sweet potato meal for a spicier taste. Make a sweet potato spiral fries and use a cutter with spiral form then add some fresh herbs or rosemary. In making a mashed sweet potato meal, skip creams and butter. Rather, mix up a fresh roasted garlic to add some more flavorful taste and drizzle a little bit of olive oil on the top.