Why Get a Body Massage While Working Out

body massage

Body massage doesn’t just offer athletes relaxation but it also helps improve performance and attain athletic capabilities. Constant body stress and injuries caused by gym training may damage the development of our body built. Massage helps fight the negative effects of workouts and may also help an athlete to boost their confidence during competitions.

Range of Motion

Tight muscles in arms and legs may restrict athletes in doing activities. Take for example lifting weights with tight muscles may give serious injuries. Massage helps muscles to stretch its fibers, both horizontal and vertical, in order to improve its flexibility. It also helps ease the muscles’ rigidness and stiffness by massaging the sheath or fascia around the muscles. Massage can also revitalize the motility of an athlete’s body caused by a muscular scar. A muscular scar is a tissue that causes inflexibility and escalates the body’s risk to injury and pain.

muscle tone

Muscle Tone

Body massage also promotes the circulation and enhances our body’s muscle tone; this is especially advantageous for body builders. When a muscle tissue is injured or tight, blood does not circulate well and thus weaken the muscle tone. The massage therapist may help blood vessels and lymph nodes move freely, this is by a technique called pumping.  This technique incorporates boost pressure at the edge of the stroke, thus forming a vacuum effect in the vessels. This leads to muscle tone improvement by mending the muscles injuries and loosing tight muscles− this way, the nutrients can flow well.


Massage therapy enhances the blood circulation on the body. Having a good blood circulation, it is easier to breathe and do things smoothly. Heavy workout trainings can cause microscopic damages to our muscles and fascial tissue. This damage can be rehabilitated by massage therapy in order to improve the body’s blood circulation; this also results to increase in the performance of the athlete.  Massage has also influences removal of body wastes and the supply of food and oxygen in the body. This helps in the improvement in the development so the athlete can return faster to working out.

Stiff muscles also cause complications in blood circulation. Tight muscles causes blood flow to slow down, this also leads to the slow metabolites elimination. Often, it is during the recovery period of training that the strength and transformation occurs. Nutrients acquired that are carried through the blood circulation help to fix the broken tissues and makes it tougher. Strained muscles reduces the blood flow, if this is the case, the results of the recovery will be insufficient.

sports playing

Sport Injury Prevention

By getting a sport massage faithfully when working out, injuries might be alleviated or prevented. Hire someone who specializes on sports therapy or sports rehabilitation. Let him oversee your massage schedules to prevent future injuries. He or she can also help you loosen muscle stiffness as well as pressure muscle scar points that might lead to future damage.

Pain Reduction

Muscular pain, whether it is caused by overworking or injuries, is reduced by having a massage. Pain makes an athlete to be unable to perform his or her maximum potential to lift loads. Pain, acute or chronic, may even give mental stress to an athlete. It is the best for the athlete if he or she performs without feeling pain. When an athlete is feeling pained, it is a sign that there is something wrong with his or her body, thus an action might be needed. In this case, a massage therapy might be suggested.


Recovery nutrients are essential for our body muscles to improve injuries and develop its built. Taking a massage helps in hastening the recovery time by increasing the permeability of the muscle tissue and opening the micro-circulation.  Having a deep massage helps improve the tissue’s permeability by opening pore passages where the fluids and nutrients, so these can flow more adequately.

improved sleep

Sleep Improvement

Sleep plays a big part in the recovery of an athlete. Receiving massage helps in improving an athlete’s sleep patterns, and also helps in giving a long and sound sleep. Having a good sleep helps an athlete’s state of mind thus making his or her performance better. It is difficult to sleep when our body is tensed; it may even cause a sudden waking up and not being able to sleep again. All of these affect an athlete’s recovery. Having a massage helps eradicate the tension in the body in order to have a good and deep rest. The quantity and quality of an athlete’s sleep isn’t only important in training but also in sleep parameters.


Having a massage before a competition also helps an athlete. It helps improves an athlete’s performance by relaxing its mental state. Having a massage increases self-confidence and removes the stress caused by the hard training. Being relaxed and confident before a competition will help you execute a better performance.