Tips to Surpass Your Physical Limits

Some of us may have constantly questioned ourselves about our current status quo from time to time. We introspect and think of the things we could or might have done that could contribute for our betterment.  The good thing to know is that it’s never too late for self-improvement, specifically physical improvement.

 Having a great physique is not only for aesthetic purposes, it also means that you are in great shape with your health and people see that as a sign of the kind of person you are. Whether you just want to lose a few pounds or build that perfect toned up physique, it will require a lot of work. Below are some tips that’ll help you push your physical boundaries.


Do not settle for mediocracy

Accepting the fact that you want change and that you’re not happy about your current status is the first step to a new beginning. You must leave all bad habits behind and turn to a total shift for your betterment. Have a thinking that you’re not part of the huge stream of mediocre people who settles for less, though make sure not to act condescending. A lot of people are happy with what they have, even if they’re over or underweight, so be proud of yourself for settling for more.

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Have a reasonable goal and time frame

Upon starting your work routine, make a reasonable time frame that meets your reasonable goal. When we say reasonable, it means that it should be attainable and reachable to your current standard. Make a planner or draw in your calendar a specific due date to check your improvements and if its meeting your desired goal, if not then you definitely might have to adjust or it might mean that there’s something wrong with the goal or time frame. Reasonable may be losing about 5 to 8 pounds for month, do not set expectations that you may find even yourself doubtful.


Set a reasonable benchmark

Choose an ideal figure from someone you’d like to be, or at least have their physique. This would create and build the standard you are working for, making you push harder to reach it. Though as previously stated, still make it reasonable, if your current weight is 50 kg, and your ideal figure is from a bodybuilding male model who weighs 110 kg, this may not be suitable and unattainable. Research the person you wish you could be and look for their daily routines, how they maintain a great bod, what kind of diet they’re having or what training they’ve undergone.

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Get out of your comfort zone

Allow yourself to tackle more, though it doesn’t have to be abrupt, you can gradually increase your work load. You can add few pounds on your weights or you can add a few minutes on your cardio if you’re already used to it. Reaming in your comfort zone means you’re just being stagnant, this would not give you any improvement if you keep on continuing the same thing. The reason why bodybuilders have great toned bodies is because they crave for more every time.

SWOT Analysis

Make your own SWOT analysis

Even though SWOT analysis are used for organizational set ups, individuals who have different situations and dilemmas could use it to. It’s mainly built by listing all your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. By listing all of these factors you’d be able to classify things that could greatly have an impact in your endeavor towards self-improvement.

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Proper Training

Choosing any training scheme may not work, different people require different training programs since they have different body builds, metabolism, age and other differences. An overweight person needs more cardio than a slender person, just an example that proves not all training are suitable to anyone. If you’re aiming to surpass your limit and achieve your goal you need to choose the proper training program. Ask your local gym or you can research online to see what would best suite your needs.

Inspire yourself

Determination is key

The important thing is your tenacity to continue, keep in mind that some of the things mentioned earlier would be worthless is you chose not to continue your progress. Just keep on working and you’d eventually be able to reach your goal, even if it takes for a while.