The Psychology of Losing Weight

Losing weight is a lot harder than you think. It requires a great amount of discipline and perseverance. Many commercial diet and food industries lure people of thinking that losing some pounds is somehow like a mathematical equation. It is so hard to do with all the nutritional facts stated on the labels of the food that we buy however, the simple truth lies beneath our own individual psychology, our beliefs, and even emotions. On the other hand, losing weight might be way fundamental in nature if it was actually a mathematical equation. We would then be able to calculate our intake for a day like consuming proteins (50 grams), add some fiber (40 grams), plus some more of products with the right amount of minerals and vitamins, and you’re pretty all set but sadly it doesn’t work that way or maybe for some others it did but only for a while somehow gaining their previous weight back. Losing weight can be of a burden for most people however if you really want that unwanted pounds to be lost then check down below the three major reasons regarding the idea behind losing weight.


Having been stressed lately of the busy schedule? Being stressed (may it be some internal or external stressors) can do harm than good. It can affect the weight directly because of the hormone called cortisol (aka the stress hormone) which increases its level when we are unhappy or having a hard time. When the cortisol increases expect that the storage metabolism for fats also goes up. It is a way for our body to cope or survive. The body won’t shed pounds; instead it slows down the metabolism in order for us to have ample energy stored to be use on a day to day basis. Stress is part of our daily living and we can’t even hinder it from existing. This can be a dilemma when we want to lose that extra weight. In this case, we should learn to practice the art of relaxation to be able to get the results that we are dying to have especially on our weight. For us to convert stress into relaxation we need to remember how to breathe slowly. Breathe in and breathe out and think of what is far more important in life. By doing so, it can help to be more relaxed and focused.


Another important thing in losing weight is pleasure which is directly connected to stress reduction. As we remember being tackled above, to reduce stress is similarly to create an important atmosphere to effectively and efficiently reinforce the weight loss method. Our nervous system can be greatly affected by pleasure. When you are feeling happy or enjoying, the body’s nervous system simply react to it. From a sympathetic nervous response it can change easily to a parasympathetic nervous response or relaxation mode. There are several situations by which this can be applied. For example, the moment we smell our food and enjoy its aroma we are giving our brain an idea to send signals to our digestive system. This process stimulates the digestive tract and digestive enzymes that food will be coming. Another example is when someone comforts us during times of sorrow; we get relaxed just by being touched. The moment we hardly notice time and enjoy a quick chit chat with our friends or when we walk with nature, all of these elevate a positive mood bringing the surge of endorphins. Engaging in these kinds of activities gives pleasure and also gives us the appetite to enjoy the right food to eat making healthy and appropriate meal choices to support our body and our health.


Many tips we see on the internet or even advised by the doctors involve behavioral changes when dealing with specific weight loss regimen. To drink enough water, to eat healthy and include green leafy vegetables in our meals, avoid eating on fast food chain and eating highly processed foods are some of the many on the list. As we notice our behavior highly influences what we eat on a daily basis. It is also a fact that our behavior comprises our values, beliefs and emotions. The building block of our psychology is our behavior. If we lead a positive belief that in a way we can greatly affect our health, then we can make it a habit of having a healthy behavior. On the other hand, if we think negative thoughts towards our health, then we become unhappy and we are prone to being uninspired when it comes to our health issues. We can have all the information we need over several sources about losing weight but nothing will ever matter if we don’t have the burning desire to change that comes within ourselves.