The Laws of Workout

To make the most of every minute you spend working out in the gym, make sure you follow these 8 simple and yet very helpful laws for a better result.

working out

Basically, this article will teach you to give your body a 2 rest days every week, to be honest in your in between exercise rest periods, and to keep tracking your workout. These things are important to keep you away from injury, to give time for proper recovery of your body, and to make sure that you are on the road towards success.

In order to maximize your workout time spent on the gym, follow these 8 workout laws below and see the incredible improvements in your body.

Rest dayTwo rest days per week

Most of us think that we will get better output if we hit the gym more often. But it is not mostly true. First law that you should keep is to not neglect the fact that you shall have days of rest. You might be very anxious going to the gym everyday just to get results fast and better but you should know that it does not work like that.

Our muscles need enough rest to be able to grow. That means that even if you are spending more than hundred percent of your effort and time on the gym, your muscles will not grow if it will not have the appropriate rest that it needs. Instead, it is in your disadvantage. You shall not underestimate the effects of rest on your body.

rest periodKeep Rest Periods Honest

Be honest on how much you rest period you should have. Rest periods are very essential to workouts. It affects the results. If you are aiming to lose more fat, shorten your rest periods to increase your metabolic rate thus increases the chance of losing more body fat. And if you are into muscle building, you must have lengthened rest periods to give enough time for your muscles to recover and get back enough energy so that you can push harder for the next sets of workout.

Do not lengthen or shorten your rest periods just because you are excited on watching the movie a couple of minutes after or because you want to have better results than normal. Be honest on your rest period. Rest the exact time that you need to rest in between sets.

To help you follow on your rest periods appropriately, bringing a stopwatch or timer is a good idea. It will help you in many ways possible. Not just during rest periods but of course, during the course of your exercise routines.

Compound Movements first before Isolation Exercises compound vs isolation exercises

The next thing that you should put in mind is that Compound exercises or movement is different from Isolation exercises. And that the two should not be done at the same time or interchangeably. Compound movements or exercises should be done first before you proceed to the isolation exercises. You should start working on movements or exercises that works on multiple joints or group of muscles. Unless you are already satisfied with the muscle mass you currently have and you feel that you don’t need to make larger muscles, then you should do heavy lifting as much as you can during your compound lifts. Don’t tire your helper muscles so that it will not deter on your lifting potential.

repetitionRepetition ranges must be varied

You should have varied repetition range. Repetition ranges start from the shorter reps to longer reps as you move forward. Usually, it starts with 5 to 8 repetitions for one to two months and then changed to 8 to 12 repetitions after. This will allow to develop the muscle definition and muscle size. It will also prevent you from having over training.

weght lifting

Take note on your post-gym nutrition

Keep your food intake after workout in line with your workout goals. Eat protein rich food carbohydrates to help you get ready for your next workout session. This will also help you get the best results.

workout journalMake use of a Tracking Journal

Finally, it is very helpful to keep track on your workout and results from the start to the end. A training journal is very handy and accessible when it comes to knowing your pre and post physique. Also, you can see what you did and check on your exercises and which one is the most and least effective.

This will help you on seeing your progress in the end of a certain period of time. Progress may be slow or fast. But always think of working out not just to make your body on its best shape but because your body needs it to make you healthy.