The Effect of Soft Drinks/Sodas on Workouts


Nowadays, the average person looking to shed some unwanted weight seem to have to tiptoe through a myriad of unhealthy food and junk diets just to achieve that coveted figure. There are a lot of food out there that not only prove useless in helping lose weight, but also show to add more pounds to the person. One of these very scary things is soft drinks or sodas. For decades now, soft drinks or sodas have become a staple in just about every meal. In fact, a lot of people seem to feel that something is lacking in a meal whenever there isn’t any soft drink or soda around. Present even during non-meal times, soft drinks and sodas have become very popular to the point of being close to water in terms of the number of people consuming it. But what does this beverage entail for the person trying to work out and lose weight?

Countless studies have been made about soft drinks and sodas. But there are still those that think they offer great benefits such as certain electrolytes that have been fortified into the drink. But what does a can or a bottle of soda mean to a person trying to shed some pounds? What are the effects of Soft drinks or sodas on workouts and its results? Here are a few things that one should be on the lookout for:

Sugar overload

Sugar Overload

Sugar, in its simplest form, is good for the body, and is basically the food for which the body takes energy from. The problem with sugar is when it is taken in excess. With sodas or soft drinks, one is sure to take in a great amount of sugar into the body. Sodas are basically just water and air, mixed with a lot of sugar. There are as many as up to 40 grams of sugar in a standard soda bottle. That kind of amount should alarm anyone who is watching his or her sugar level and weight. If the sugar is so high, there will be difficulty in using them all up for the body to burn as fuel. In turn, they get lost in the blood stream and end up stored in the liver and in fat. Aside from this, the increased risk for diabetes abound.



Though not all sodas have caffeine, there are those that are loaded with a measurable amount. These drinks should be avoided especially when being also a regular consumer of coffee. The caffeine makes the blood vessels constrict and can even lead to palpitations and the activation of cortisol, which in turn increases the sugar in the body and therefor the fat.



Because the sodas or soft drinks are quite literally filled to the brim with sugar, it will inevitably cause a sugar rush or a sugar high wherein a person gets an unusual level of energy for a short while and then leading up to them “crashing” which means they also have a longer and even worse levels of lack of energy. Because of this, the soda drinker experiences sudden onset of drowsiness, which obviously means bad news for someone who is supposed to be working out and exercising. Even if one was to try and do the workout during the sugar high, it would be only for a few minutes at best before the sugar crash happens.



Another thing that sodas and soft drinks cause that can be very detrimental towards the consumer is bloating. Because sodas and soft drinks in general are made up of carbonated water and sugar, it is really filled with gas. Because of this, a high amount of consumption would lead to a feeling of bloating that cannot really be conducive for exercising and in fact may lead to stomachaches.



Soft drinks and soda also have a high count of calories to them, which just makes them all the more fattening if not counter intuitive for working out. With more calories, there is less space for losing weight and just simply give one more problems than solutions.

weight gain

More to work off

It really should go without saying that drinking sodas or soft drinks would only mean that there would be more to work off for someone looking to lose weight and it would also mean that there would be more to worry about.