Martial Arts vs Gym Workout

Martial art is a great way to be healthy and to be fit. Many people particularly the women are interested in martial arts. It is also a nice form of training wherein an individual gets to learn defensive moves in order to defend themselves during harmful situations. However when compared to gym workouts, which one really makes us fitter? Read some more and find out.

Training the brain

When training in difficult combat sports such as martial arts it’s not just the body that is being trained, the mind is constantly trained also and the brain gets to exercise as well. Martial arts require an individual to act and make decisions quickly with the use of correct techniques to develop persistence, mobility, defensive moves and bravery. Martial arts or the gym train you for life When you are fond of going in the gym or doing martial arts, either way you learn different activities. It is just amazing to know how basic knowledge in Thai boxing or any other types of boxing or self- defense activities can boost one’s self- confidence and boldness. In our world today, it is a plus if you can defend yourself whenever it is necessary. Did you sign up and always go to the local gym feeling motivated to do some workout routines? Have you paid a big amount on gym fees and was bonded in a contract but you only use their facility not too often and eventually stopped going back to the gym since you felt bored and lazy? Here are several things that are good to know and need to understand.

  • You need constant motivation in going to the gym and acting on gym activities. It could be quiet entertaining for a while only since there is no other active stimulation. We already know you can definitely ask help and hire a trainer but it will cost you more fees to pay other than your already costly membership fee.
  • Martial arts is a good activity for yourself to invest on. It is so much better compared to being stuck on regular gym activities. Martial arts gym is very accessible nowadays so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding one. You can also choose from a variety of martial art styles to study and practice.
  • A martial art class lasts for an average of 1.5 hours. During a class, different kinds of activities will be done such as warm ups or cardio routines, a variety of drills and sparring, after which is followed by cool down routines and some stretching. This series of activities can burn up to 1000- 1200 calories during each class.
  • When comparing martial arts to treadmill running you could burn 600- 700 calories only.
  • Select what kind of martial arts you want to study and search for a gym near you who offers the style you want to do.

  • There are several benefits when you enroll on martial arts. The gyms where you study martial arts has extremely good environment. You can meet different kinds of people and be able to enjoy yourself as well as make new colleagues. You can participate on a team with the same interests that you have and be able to learn basic routines while having a good time. Martial arts also help boosts your self- esteem and self- confidence. It also builds awareness and self- respect.
  • Martial arts keep your weight problems at hand especially to those who want to lose some pounds. It keeps you fit and healthy compared to regular gym workouts where you need to change your routine every now and then if you want to achieve a certain goal to work on your body muscles and balance fitness areas like on the cardio part, endurance, agility, flexibility and strength. Furthermore, in doing martial arts you can also have a trainer or instructor who is there to help and guide you during your performance.
  • In martial arts you are trained to push yourself up to your limits. By doing so, you are being guided on how to become a better version of yourself and stronger. Yes you will have a hard time at first but you are conditioned to eventually succeed on your personal and fitness goals.

You can learn more about yourself and body and most especially you can train your brain on how to be able to react quickly on tough situations. Opportunities are endless and you will meet new friends with different pleasant personalities. Ask questions if you can. Do not be afraid. Find the one that suits you best and experience many kinds of martial art style. Experiment and change gyms as often as you like if you are not contented and unhappy with your current training gym. Weight loss is one of the great benefits of martial arts so take on the ride. Discover more and learn new things. Be interested on everything that surrounds you. Hit a goal that can benefit you personally in both fitness and health.