How To Tell If Your Supplement Is Effective

In today’s hectic lifestyle and all the demands that we face, few individuals can boast of never having doubted their image. The truth of the matter is that at some point in our lives, we will want to change something about ourselves. One major issue that many people world – over are facing is being overweight and in extreme cases obesity. The challenge is that we are eating more food that also happens to be unhealthy while exercising less. This phenomenon has led to the bustling dietary supplement business. The promise of managing or losing your weight by simply popping a pill every day, without breaking a sweat is alluring for most. If the story ended there it would be a dream. However many individuals find it difficult to effect any change even though they chug down innumerable tablets regularly. So how can one tell if their supplements are actually working or not? Take a look at these things listed below.


The Price – Quality Puzzle

Like most products we buy, there is often a reciprocal relationship between the price at which we purchase supplements and the effectiveness they have. Self – doubt and weight issues are not confined to those of well to do means. For this reason, low income earners usually opt for cheap products that promise similar results. It is an unfortunate reality that many drug manufacturers put an emphasis on pricing their products competitively without paying much heed to quality. This may lead to a consumer ending up with poorly manufactured supplements. Compounds such as lipids and raw starches for instance, are poorly absorbed by the body. Buying cheap weight loss products that contain these may give the illusion that you are losing weight in the early stages. However, since your body is being deprived of vital nutrients, you may end up having regular hunger pangs which result in you reversing whatever gains you make through binge eating.


Discipline To Comply And Follow Through

Another issue to consider in assessing the effectiveness of a supplement regime is more behavioral than scientific in nature. The key to losing weight partly lies in forming good habits and sticking to them. Most pills or tablets come with a dosage as well as directions for use. This is usually an exercise that requires an individual to repeat over a given time period. Failure to stick to the routine means that you don’t get the most out of the supplement in question. If you find yourself having ‘left – over’ capsules or powder then chances are you are not following through. A bottle of 30 capsules for instance, being taken at a dosage of 3 per day should then last you 20 days. Another pitfall is to try and compensate for a missed dosage. Often when we drink too much of a supplement at one go, it results in an overflow of chemicals that the liver has to detoxify. Failing to keep up with the added pressure, the liver then converts excess nutrient – bearing compounds into fat, defeating the initial goal.

poor digestion

Inherent Conditions – Poor Digestion

There is yet another challenge with imbibing supplements. Though not the case with all individuals, some people will face problems of poor digestion. This may be as a result of the supplement acting as an irritant in the intestines or metabolic issues. Regardless, this can work against a weight loss program based on supplements. Individuals who go through problems such as heartburn, indigestion, constipation and acid reflux generally don’t efficiently digest and absorb the food they eat. Similarly, when taking supplements, assimilation and absorption of the necessary nutrients and compounds provided by the pills may not take place efficiently, if at all. As such, the individual does not make full use of the supplement and fails to benefit from it. Some people may be of the opinion that since they don’t absorb a lot of food material this may be a good thing for maintaining a healthy level of weight. This could not be further from the truth. In essence the supplements that you buy are more of a waste since they are not fully absorbed in the body. It is thus imperative to try and treat or cure any pre – existing conditions before starting on any supplements.