How to Make Your Own Gym at Home

The most essential machine is the one you already have—your body. Exercises that use only your own weight can go a long way toward keeping you lean and fit.  But to target specific muscles and vary your routine so that it stays effective over time, you may need some additional equipment. Below is a compiled list of essentials. If your budget is tight, start with level 1 and add levels 2 and 3 later.

Level 1

A. Swiss ball
finding it is very easy. You can buy it in shopping malls or gym equipment shops at around $ 40 to $ 45. Swiss ball is also called a stability ball, physio ball, or exercise ball, a Swiss ball is a great tool for targeting your core, and in a pinch it can substitute for a bench. Heavy-duty balls, such as those, are best.

B. Dumbbells

If you have only one training tool, make it a set of dumbbells. They’re simple to use, versatile, and a great way to increase muscle mass. It would cost you only $ 5 a pair. Really affordable!

Level 2

A. Resistance bands

Resembling oversized rubber bands, these stretchy tools come in a range of sizes, widths, and resistance levels. Yu can buy it at around 10-15 US dollars. Use the largest ones to make squats extra challenging; smaller sizes are useful for working your glutes and inner thighs.

B. Medicine ball
These smaller, weighted balls have a great deal of versatility, and their shape is ideal for core exercises such as side twists. They’re available in a range of weights, and some models even bounce. It is sold in shopping malls at $20 at least.

Level 3

A. Bosu balance trainer

Bosu balance trainer is quite expensive than the other equipment, it would cost you around 120 USD. Bosu balance trainer is short for “both sides utilized,” it’s essentially a Swiss ball that has been cut in half, flat side on the bottom. Use it to make pushups and hip raises more challenging, or stand on it to engage your lower body while doing upper-body exercises like biceps curls or overhead presses.

B. Mat
Mats are very useful for home exercises. You can have it at 15 to 20 USD only. It can help relieve joint pressure and pain during moves that involve sitting, kneeling, or lying, or when you perform any kind of holding exercise, such as a plank. Also important, its nonskid surface will safeguard you against injuries.

C. Nike+ Kinect Training on Kinect for Xbox 360

Like a personal trainer—without all the crazy fees—Nike+ Kinect Training on Kinect for Xbox 360 is way more than a game. It screens your fitness level, strengths and weaknesses, creates a personal workout program for you, and tracks each workout. It even provides real-time feedback to ensure proper form, helping you get the most from each move and minimizing your risk of injury, which can be a big concern for any at-home exerciser. Yu can have it at around 50 USD only.