How To Make The Most Of Your Workout

Did you know that your body can adjust to the way you stress it? Well, in case you are not pleased with the outcome of your intense training then the solution is to keep trying harder. But how can you achieve the desired results?

You won’t need miracles to achieve this but still, you will have to give every shot during the exercise. You should also remember that your body can only adapt to the workout if it’s worthy after all. It’s not all about being at the gym, all that matters are the efforts you are put in to make the best of your gym session.

Wasting your time in a fruitless exercise without any progress being made will derail your progress in achieving maximum body strength and muscular development. This can be a warning sign that your exercises need a serious improvement. You should do this by trying out the following five techniques and then stick to the most helpful one:

barbell chain


While you may have ignored it before but adding chains to your barbell movement can assist you in gaining the most out of your illustrious exercises. Chains are great workout tools that shouldn’t miss in your gym. These will push you ahead in achieving the desired results.


Never assume that your gym equipment weight will ever change because the item will maintain its mass, whether during lifting or while stationary. The advantage of chains is that they provide a linear variable resistance training (LVRT) which increases the load’s motion range. While lifting the load, you should give your best efforts to the “chains & bar” technique because as you train, your band’s resistance will increase as it continues to stretch further.

To sum it up, squat and while you bottom press, or dead-lift, the chains on the floor or the loose bands will help you apply more effort as you lift. But the higher you go, the more weight will be added on your lifts as more links will be lifted off the floor. Just in case the load gets heavier, you should then position more muscle fibers in the fast-twitch option to give space for more efforts, size, and strength. This will need more muscle input than when making standard dumbbell and barbell movements.

Workout timer


To simplify your movements in the extended set training, ensure that you use several techniques with a single set of movements to easily adjust your body position. To benefit from each extended set during your workout, you will find that all the training sets are placed in order accordingly, from the hardest to easiest to help you achieve your fitness goal.

As you position your body position to adapt to this intense workout, you will have to keep up with the reps while maintaining the same weight level after each challenge. Therefore, more reps will be achieved with the same training efforts. Such a workout is also known as mechanical drop set or mechanical advantage drop sets.

Perhaps, you are trying out cross raises and to lengthen this set will require you to begin with the hardest part of the movement which is the seated dumbbell lateral raise. You should challenge yourself to do at least 10 reps in a single workout. Instead of dropping the dumbbells, it would be better if you quickly stand up and finish all the remaining dumbbell lateral lifts while maintaining the same of weight.

You should now be able to see that the workout is simplified due to the exercise being slightly easier. You will notice that you will be able to produce more body strength in both the knees and hips. You won’t achieve such a feat while in sitting position and that’s why with this technique, you’d be able to take up more reps to the fullest.



There’s a special training practice called Drop setting which is simple to master but good enough, it adds some difficulty levels throughout your training. For instance, if you are using 225 pounds while trying out the bench press with a limit of 10 reps, it won’t be possible for you to finish the 11th rep, but you would achieve this if you try with 165 pounds or even 185.

To benefit from this technique, you have to complete the 11th rep with 225 pounds and then quickly shelve off 25-35 pounds of weight from either side while you continue to rep until the second muscle failure point. Remember to minimize your breaks while using this technique but have a training partner to drop off some plates for you to gain more strength and fasten up your workout.

This technique isn’t limited to only barbells, but still, you can apply it using the dumbbells. This requires you to handle both sets at once so that you may not have to struggle to find the other one while doing a set. If you can, then make more drops, or try running the rack using the dumbbells. It’s rewarding to begin with the heaviest load while steadily progressing to hit the target total failure.


As you tire out during the exercise, you would probably have to skip doing the abs and calves as they may not be necessary. Instead, why don’t you try the experiment training of the smaller muscle groups to include middle delts and the forearms on the leg day in-between the other muscle group training? This is the density training in which you apply more efforts simultaneously.

This shouldn’t make your training a long one but it will allow you to improve a lagging body part or the one that you normally avoid. A good example is when you concentrate on calf raising sets instead of taking regular breaks in between the bench-press sets. In the same way, you can also perform another set of forearm curls amidst your leg presses. This will allow your body part to recuperate as you improve on the other.

What you ought to know is that many combinations at times aren’t helpful when applied together. A practice like exercising your forearm sets or chest movements can affect your gripping strength. Beware, staggered sets for calves may knock you off your legs. Always ensure that the extra work you’re performing with your muscles doesn’t affect the others being worked out. This procedure is also important for fat loss training.

workout machine


What you should know is that using machines in your workout can benefit you in many ways since it can also be easier to practice which is the case with the other free-weight procedures. This is because you have to follow the path that machines set out for you while following them and this will require you to prepare yourself and lift the load according to the way it takes you.

As for free weights, your muscles will stabilize your body to enable it to balance the load weight. This is needed to finish rep movements which make it more challenging to burn calories.

Swapping from machines to free weights (doesn’t matter if it’s practicing bench pressing, squatting, or doing rows and other big loads) will help you to increase your body strength and this can be rewarding as it improves your muscle-building hormones’ and their circulation, i.e. testosterone. This is why it’s better to select the free-weight alternative to optimize and also improve your body strength.