How To Build Muscles While Working Out

Many overweight individuals and even those who are just a little bit above their preferred weight are always talking about being jealous on how lucky those skinny individuals and how they can eat whatever they want, even in large quantities. But for the skinny ones, they are always finding ways on how they get bigger, on how they can achieve the muscular body forms of other men. Here are few tips on how you can gain muscles fast when you work out.

#1 Train for less than one hour

Hour timer

Keep your training period not to reach an hour. Make sure that your focus is on the intensity of your workout rather than the duration of it. Because there are no researches that says that marathons helps more in muscle building. Remember that you should have rest periods of at most 1 minute during your workout session and avoid having small talks with the other members of the gym.

#2 Eating should be your habit


This does not mean that you eat a lot of food. Since you burn calories more because of your fast metabolism due to your training programs. Keep in mind to have at least 5 calories dense meals per day which are taken every 2 to 3 hours apart. This makes your body to metabolize constantly and thus builds muscle more.

#3 Don’t rely too much on supplements


As what its name says, supplements only supplements what your body needs in addition to your regular food intake. Supplements does not function as weight trimmer or weight enhancer. The best supplement that you should take when hitting the gym is protein supplement and electrolyte drink such as Gatorade.

#4 Take it easy

take it easy

Because you are trying to gain more muscles and you don’t have that much of extra weight, try not to move too much. As much as possible, reserve your energy for your training. Take things easy for your self. Conserve your energy for your upcoming workout session. Because you are not the big body type individual, paying attention to your energy consumption is a must. It is a good idea especially if you are keeping up with your workout sessions and exercises. This way, all your efforts will not go unnoticed. Because surely, results are coming.

Just remember this: Rest, relax! Don’t do any unnecessary activities.

#5 Progression should be your focus

work in progress

If you really want to gain weight and muscles, you should focus on the right things. The most important element on this type of program is for you to progression of increase of repetitions or increase of lifted weight. Because too much will make you tougher and make you push yourself even more beyond your limit. As mentioned above, it is a waste of time if you will do dragging exercises that lasts more than an hour than an hour or less with more weight or repetition.

#6 Repetition range should be changes every 3 to 4 weeks

repition range

Unless you have great results in terms of weight/muscle gains and you have progressed a lot. Many training professionals suggests that you should change your repetition range at least every month or every 6 weeks. This prevent you from experiencing plateaus. The change of repetition range allows your body to take a new kind of stress and adapt with it. This results to weight gain on your body through muscles build up.

#7 Go for a buffet


Take note! This tip is for those extremely skinny individuals. Going to a buffet once a week is very helpful in training your body to accept more amount of food. Hit a buffet after a very hard workout. This will let most of your calories go to the right places and will be used for muscle building. But remember not to go overboard. This will increase your appetite for the upcoming days.

#8 Try Mass Gainer products

mass gainer

Although I didn’t put too much great words for supplement on the above tip, but if your situation is that you cannot take more amount of food to gain weight, I recommend you use Mass Gainer. Mass Gainer products are made up of calories taken as a shake. It is a form of a substitute instead of taking rice, chicken and vegetables. You can also use it as an additional calorie intake. This will be taken in between your 3 meals of the day. You will surely gain weight in no time.