Fast Foods and Weight Loss

Losing weight requires far more responsibility at hand than you expect. If you seriously want to lose weight, you should be very vigilant on what you take in on a daily basis. Furthermore, you have to eat a well- balanced diet meal and avoid junk foods that are usually served on fast foods chains. Yes we have to control ourselves to not succumb on these cravings because of the fats and calories we tend to get on those kinds of foods but, there are some things that you would be interested to learn despite all these negative facts. Check on the section below to know more about the fast food chains you can pay a visit one of these days to have your regulated calorie meal serve.

On using the Weight Watchers program it aims to utilize the “calories in, calories out” basic method of losing weight. The calories are simplified through a point system wherein every food is assigned of points based on its calorie and nutritional content. And when you follow this program, you might think you have the enough points remaining to spend on your favorite fast food chain although not all food joints have the same point system. Think on your choices prudently and choose the healthier food options that will satisfy your body in general than eating the regular sized burger with fries.

Beyond Burgers

When you hear the word “fast food” what immediately comes into your mind? Burger, chicken, or fries? Several fast food joints propose a cheaper price in exchange of their food products that can satisfy your hunger but not sacrificing your waistline. Try on some other offers and do not focus on burger alone. Wendy’s chili in a smaller size would only be four points. On Boston Market, a vegetarian chili is offered with many points.

Chicken Choices

Whether you like a bigger and juicier burger, fried or grilled from any of your fast food favorites it is most likely to have a high calorie and fats ingredient. As a substitute, opt for a sandwich with chicken. If it is grilled, it is a healthier choice and can be made like a regular burger. Try to choose a single grilled chicken piece without the bread so that you can eat more of it. Six points is given to a grilled KFC chicken leg part with a side dish of corn cobs already.

Mexican Fare

If you are having a desire to eat something made out from a fast food chain, well for a change, try to eat on a Mexican food chain. Mexican food is known to have a wide selection of vegetables and a variety beans on each meal. It is a nice option to have a healthy meal even when produced by a fast food restaurant. Select one of their Taco with soft beef on Taco Bell. This meal will only have a five points base on the Weight Watchers program. The Del Taco on the other hand serves Cheese Burritos that will also cost five points as well as their Beans. Surprisingly delicious!

Salad Bar

Salad as a side dish is always a great idea. When dining in a food chain, it is better to select a regular meal with veggies on it. However, bear in mind that certain salads contain more calories than you can imagine so you need to read the nutritional information carefully. Some may include higher amount of extra ingredients such as the salad sauce or mayonnaise, crisp toasted breads, or even a little cheese toppings which piles up the calories and fats on the meal provided. Instead be wise to select on a variety of salad especially the ones with grilled chicken and do not accept the sauce for the dish. A Blimpie Chef Salad is recommended for it will only have four points on it.

Sandwich Selections

Subway has been popular for several decades now, offering a variety of healthy alternative meals for eaters in wary of fast food. Their food is advertised to have a low calorie and low fat content making it a great choice for people who have a diet conscious lifestyle. Four points is given to their sandwich meals such as the roast beef (six inches), ham, as well as their turkey. Omit the cheese dressing and switch for a vinegar flavor instead to maintain the point value in moderation.