Exercises That Work Both the Body and Mind

Keeping fit is not really as easy as walking in the park. It takes a lot of energy and effort to hone one’s physical condition. Sometimes, it even takes more effort to keep fit that other aspects of one’s well-being may even be neglected and even forgotten. A lot of people focus so much on building and training muscles that they forget to keep the mind sharp and also in good condition. In these modern and fast-paced days, it is very important not only to keep the body well-exercised but also the mind as well. With such finite time in a day, it would be very smart to try and train both body and mind at the same time. Here are some exercises that not only give the body a workout, but also boosts the minds capabilities:


Nearly everybody everywhere has surely heard of Yoga at some point. Initially a part of eastern religion, Yoga has gone on to be a favorite exercise for modern people. Yoga is not really very intense in terms of pacing and is not really like running a marathon, but ask anyone who has done it, and they will admit that it is a really challenging and sweat-inducing form of exercise. Yoga helps in flexibility and does wonder in alleviating joint pains and aches in areas such as the back and the limbs. In addition to all that, Yoga has a lot of benefits for the mind. Yoga has a lot of meditation techniques that boost the mind and makes it a lot calmer and even help in improving concentration.


Ping Pong

Ping Pong or Table Tennis is a widely popular sport in Asia and is really considered as a game for developing both agility and tactical prowess. Any ping pong player would admit that ping pong is an excellent body shaper and that it is great in toning down the core. It also provides a solid cardio workout as it usually is fast-paced and needs swift movements to keep up with the ball. Ping pong proves to be a very enriching sport and exercise since not only does it do wonders for the body but it also helps in improving coordination between the mind and the body. It is also a game that needs quite a bit of strategy so it really helps in both areas.


Tai chi

Another way to keep both mind and body fit at the same time is through the practicing and training in martial arts. Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that really ingrains a lot of healthy movement into its form. It is also a great martial art that gives great importance to mental stability. The breathing exercises that come with the practicing of the martial art helps in honing the mind as well as the body.


One of the most popular of Japanese martial arts, Aikido is well known for being a martial arts for pacifists and people who respect peace of mind. Aikido is a martial art that does not require its practitioners to be very athletic and is one that really puts emphasis on harmony. The harmony it promotes between the body and the mind is not really of any doubt as the idea of a “constant motion” in its practice is coupled with a “mental alertness” to everything that is happening around the practitioner. If that is not one way to practice both mind and body, few exercises are.



Bowling may not seem like something as relaxing and serene as Yoga, or as fast-paced as ping pong, but it really is a form of exercise worth looking into. Unbeknownst to many, bowling really does strengthen the arms as it is also a very good way to give the arms a lifting workout without going to the gym. Aiming also helps in developing the mind’s spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination.


Finding what works

There are a myriad of other exercises and sports that really give a great workout for the physical as well as the mental. Archery also develops dexterity as well as concentration. Dancing also helps when it comes to developing memory and stamina. There are a whole lot more out there. It just depends on what one finds most rewarding and most fun.