Exercises that aren’t that Effective  

Fitness, weight loss, weight gain, etc. is now considered by most as one single thing. Many are misled and confused. Most of them think of them as a one. But in fact, there are several things that make each one of them different from one another. Because many are misinformed about all of these things, many exercises are deemed ineffective to most. Below are list of the few exercises that most of us include in our workout program but are found out ineffective.

Leg Extension

Leg Extensions

Leg extension exercise is found out to be one of the most isolated movement exercise. It only allows to work on the upper muscle of your thighs. Why do this when there are alternative exercises that does not only work on your upper thigh muscles only but also on the other muscles on the area. You can choose exercises that works on multi-joints and multi-muscle groups. One of the most effective alternate is the Squats. One of the easiest. You can do quarter squats if you have problems with your knees. You can try Step ups on a steeper and lunges as well.

Stationary bike

Stationary Cycle or Stationary Bicycle

Effective exercises are those which can increase your heart rate to more than 60 beats per minute. In case of Stationary cycle or Stationary bicycle, it does not increase the rate from the minimum. So doing this kind of exercise is totally a waste of time.

Instead, you can do Freehand Body weight Exercise such as Stepper, Jumping Jacks, or Static Jogging.

Wall Sit

Wall Sits

Many thinks that Wall Sits exercises both strength and endurance but it does not. This is not the right exercise if you are working on your strength and endurance. You can try Squats, specifically Goblet Box Squats instead. Surely, you can practice the 2 most important elements of your body and improve them later on.

Weighted Side Bends

Weighted Side Bends

Are you trying to reduce you muffin tops and love handles? Who doesn’t want it to happen? You can try Russian Twists, Twist on Roman Chair or Twist Planks instead of doing Weighted Side bends. Yes, Weighted Side Bends are effective when it comes to tapering your waists but it causes you to have waist that is heavy set. Twister is so much more effective than Weighted Side Bends on this case.

Hip abductor

Hip Abduction Machine or Hip Abductors

Think again if you are doing Hip Abduction Machine or Hip Abductors for a while now. When on this type of exercise, your muscle takes a little more time to get active than other exercise. You can do Lunges and Squats instead. These 2 exercises are recommended by the experts many times already, many it’s time to change yours.

Lat Pulldown behind the Neck

Lat Pull down exercise, especially the one done behind your neck is not only ineffective but also makes you at risk for injury. The type of injury that it may cause you is not just the simple one but the most critical one, spinal injury. It may result to a neck tear or strain because of the neck pulls.

As a substitute, work on Wide Grip Lat Pull down, Reverse Grip Lat Pull down or Close Grip Lat Pull down. Remember not to bring the bar towards your sternum when you pull the lat down. You should raise your sternum towards the bar instead. And keep seated with an upright position and not to lean on you back.                                                            Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers exercise is the kind of exercise that uses much of your energy and does not leave you much energy for your other exercises. Also, it is not that safe. It may harm your wrists and shoulders. You may try doing Leg planks or Towel Slides instead of doing this fatigue inducing exercise.

Bench press

Bench Press with Elevated Feet or Feet Elevated Bench Press

Why does someone try to make their workout complicated? If you are targeting your core, do Alternate Dumbbell Bench Press not Bench Press with Elevated Feet. It is heavier and more dangerous than the later.

The exercises listed above are not only ineffective but they consumes most of your time and energy. These are useless exercise that you should stop doing. Now what exercise should you do and what exercises you should not.