Exercises Suitable for Women during their Period

There are several misconceptions about working out during period of menstruation. However, it appears most of the time to be worthwhile. Science hasn’t absolutely considered the effects of having a period on working out but light to moderate activity seems to relieve anxiety and menstrual cramps (the most hated of all women). So, it really doesn’t necessarily means that you have to just stay put and sit down just because you have your period. As a guide I listed below some activities that you can actually do without hesitations even if you have your menstrual period.



There are experts that doesn’t approve with hardcore exercises during periods. Because it might be a reason for injury. But walking is a not a strenuous activity itself so you can still choose to do it without posing danger to yourself and your health. You can walk yourself going to work or take a stroll after dinner. This can help you ease cramps and bloating. Plus, you will feel good after because, at least you did some exercise and burn some calories.



If you have your period, you suffer from back pain, cramps, and muscle fatigue. These all can mess up your day. The good thing is that you can do yoga even if you have your period. It can relieve all those symptoms while give your body an extra workout. Yoga lets you stretch your muscles and do some stretches or positions that targets you back muscles. Abdominal cramps can be relieved also by using the exercise ball. You can go for yoga classes, buy a DVD, or get some free yoga class videos on YouTube.



Oftentimes, when you are having your period, you just need to go a little bit loopy. Cardio recreation is the superb method to let free. You can do a light aerobics to make your body do some work while relieve some menstruation symptoms. You may go for an aerobic class on the nearest gym, go for your DVD or YouTube videos. Whatever you are most comfortable doing.



This can be an exceptional choice because it doesn’t seem like an exercise and if you have your period, you still need even a little movements to keep your body in a good shape. Getting out or dance at a party is a nice idea of having fun, chilling out, and exercise at the same time. You get to have all the craze while giving your body a good (kind of) workout.


Weight Lifting

One positive thing about being on your period is that you get to experience days of having high tolerance towards pain because our body naturally releases spurt of hormones. So the things that is usually difficult for you to do will be most likely easy during your period.  You can do extra weights to lift during that time without worrying about the pain. Hold in mind that you just on the whole shouldn’t attempt to do greatly more than what you’re as a rule competent of doing. Keep advantage of it BUT don’t overdo it. Always be careful and do not take drastic actions that may harm you.



If you have your period, you tend to be just stay at home and feed yourself with movies. But you can actually do some exercise even with that. You can just stay at home and watch television. But instead of watching movies straight, you can do planking every TV commercials. Just go for a prone position with your elbows and arms under your chest. then using your toes and forearms, raise your body and hold for seconds. You can try 8 counts on the first commercial break then 16 counts on the next and so on.



It might probably support ease cramps. However be certain to do it after your different workout routines similar to force training. Trying just a few yoga poses such as the restorative pose, and knee-to-chest pose to relax your stomach muscle tissue, cat pose and decrease cramps.

Do not use your periods as an excuse to forget your health but do take heed to your physique if you would like a wreck from it.