Don’t Sabotage Your Workout Success with These Foods

Where you sabotaging your workout success? Check the list of food below that are actually ruining your workout goal achievement. Make sure you don’t eat these foods at least 2 hours before or after your workout session.

bowl of avocado


Stay away from foods that contains high amount of fat, even those with mono saturated fat that is considered as good fat before working out such as avocados. Fats are needed by our body but in intervals. You should not consume high fat content foods 2 hrs before and after working out because it is digested by the stomach in a slow rate. Which means it remains in the stomach for a long period of time and it draws blood supply towards the stomach for long and may cause discomforts and cramping.


Coffee Drinks

Coffees may contain 20 packs of sugar. Yes, it is a lot of sugar which is really unnecessary for our body. Aside from it causes digestive discomforts and may lead to insulin balance problems, coffee drinks may also deplete your energy once the effect of the coffee wears out. And it may give you a feeling of fullness but you actually need to take appropriate kind of food that will give you energy for your workout session.



Dairy products is one of the healthiest part of our diet. But with workout, don’t take it at least two hours before your workout or two hours after it. This might cause you to slow down. Don’t consume any dairy food especially if you are feeling a bit lethargic, having burping episodes, and feels acidic.

flavored water Flavored Water
Flavored water contains a lot of sugar, artificial sugars. Although it is labeled as a good fitness drink by others, its sugar content may disrupt your digestive process. It hinders absorption of the needed nutrients and destroys your good bacteria in your stomach. It may also cause stomach problems so depending on this one is really not a good idea.



Flaxseeds are known to be good for weight loss and as well as for our overall health. But because it contains high content of fiber, it can cause you to have bloating or gassiness. This can be a hindrance to your workout session. So take note and limit your intake of fiber, especially 2 hours before your workout or 2 hours after. Also, fiber supplements, high fiber breads, and brans should be avoided. Instead, choose carbohydrates and protein pre-workout.

Gel packs

Gel Packs

Gel packs are energy inside a small, easy to bring packs. It is mostly used as a preparatory, energy boosting pack for training. But then it contains a lot of sugar which most are unnecessary. Unless you are training for more than 90 mins. of cardio workout every day, then these sugar contents can lead to a problem. It can be a source of insulin problem on your body. So, if you don’t want that to happen, NO TO GEL PACKS!


Hummus are very healthy and good for our body. It made out of beans and very hard to digest carbohydrates. This may result to bloating and unnecessary gas. So stay away from hummus especially before your workout session.

hard boiled egg

Hard-boiled egg

Muscle builders tend to go for an egg diet to get protein. Yes, it is a great source of protein but it doesn’t give you enough carbohydrates that sustains for your energy need during your exercise. Also, the type of protein you can get from a hard boiled egg is very hard to digest so it stays in your stomach longer and can make you feel heavy and full during workouts.

Roasted nuts

Roasted Nuts

Although nuts are very good choice for a snack and helps us in losing weight, many of these are also salty and could be a great hindrance with the balance of fluid in our body, especially during workouts. Salty or high sodium foods such as processed snacks (like chips), luncheon meats, beef jerky, and roasted and salted nuts are few of the salty foods that you should keep away from.

Mexican Food

Thai or Mexican food

These type of food are mostly the spicy ones. Although spicy foods help you melt those calories, eating them before workouts are not a good idea. You may experience heartburn or hyper-acidity after your consumption of spicy food which totally disrupts your workout session.