Doable Diet Tips from Famous Celebs

Have you been thinking about making a move on your healthy lifestyle movement but then you don’t really know how to? You have come to the right place girl! We are here to show you how our celebrities do it. They shared their own secret on how to stay healthy, fit and sexy at the same time. You should see who of them you think is doing the best (especially that we can see their figures around the internet and social medias) plus which advice you will follow. Which is which?

The following diet tips are not only very effective for our favorite stars but also very doable. Well, well, I know you can do it. Try at least one of the diet tips below.


Kendall Jenner: Be active!

We all know Kenny! Of course, she will be one of the angels who will stun us on the Victoria Secret’s runways next month. Plus, who would forget her if she is one of the Kardashian – Jener sisters, right? Well, when it comes to being really sexy, fit, and all, Kendall is one of the best role model. Mainly because even though she has this almost perfect set of genes, she still managed to inspire people to get fit. And according to her, being active is one of the best things to get fit and sexy. Even though one can look the same if he or she just sleep on her couch all day or trying to work out, Kendall still chooses to go to the gym. Because it does not only give her boost up on health and figure, it also gives her confidence on wearing crop tops, midis, or even get naked on shoots.


Gigi Hadid: Make time for Cheat Day!

Another VS angel here! A lot of girls also envy Gigi because she got our love, Zayn Malik. Who would have thought that there will be the two of them together right? *sobbing* They deserve each other anyways. Gigi is doing great on almost all of her photo shoots. She looks awesome as always and she has kept her figure at its best. Maybe being BFF with Kenny you should at least be this pretty and sexy as well.

When it comes to her diet tips (hoping that we can have her figure in the future), she recommends that you should have a cheat day. According to her, although eating healthy foods and being active is the key to being healthy and fit, having a cheat day makes her sane. She does boxing every day and she eats completely healthy meals. Having a cheat day once in a while makes her sane. She has a good point here.


Karlie Kloss: Choose a healthy snack.

Having snacks in between meals is really irresistible. But according to our famous Victoria Secret Angel here, the third angel on our list, if you can’t resist having snacks, choose to have healthy snacks. In that case, you will not disrupt your diet. Having yogurt, banana, and apple are the best according to Karlie.


Lea Michele: Eat a lot of greens.

We got three VS angels already. And we learned to be active, have a cheat day, and to choose healthy snacks. It is time to hear the advice of our Glee star Lea Michele. We have heard her sing but we also know that she has this great body as well. She actually had this very stunning cover on a magazine shower most of her skin. And she really looks amazing. Diet tips from our singing bird? She said that eating a lot of greens make her really fit. She didn’t mean to go on vegan but she really believes that eating a lot of vegetables gives her not only the best figure and the best health but also it gives her glowing skin. And she feels good after eating a lot of greens. It works with Lea maybe it could work on us.


Taylor Swift: Drink with a lot of water.

Another singer in our list is Taylor. Well, we know that she is really attractive. You can check on the long lists of boys she has dated and you’ll see they are all good looking men. From that alone, we can tell that Taytay is really having the best in her life. Having a good career makes her keep on maintaining her great figure. Taylor said that it is better for us to keep hydrated always. Drinking a lot of water flushes all the bad things in our body and according to her it gives her energy that she needs.