Best Leg Exercises That Can Be Done Outside The Gym

“Don’t forget leg day” is a very common saying inside and outside the gym environment. Anyone who has ever made any sort of attempt of effort to lose weight and gain a little tone and muscle would know that the legs are important and should never be forgotten and should be worked on as much as the other muscle groups of the body. The sad thing is, there is often not enough time to work on the legs as one might want. People tend to neglect the legs since most people tend to focus more on the upper part of the body. Legs also can be very difficult to work out on since they tend to get very sore the next day, thus, discouraging a lot of people from trying them again. A lot of people tend to find the thought going to the gym just to work on their lower limbs. There are ways to work on the legs without going to the gym though, here are a few of the most effective exercises for legs without the use of weights and equipment:



Squats are just as iconic to leg exercises as Push-ups are to the chest muscles. Squats are just about the most effective and efficient way to make do with limited schedule and venue. People who claim to not be situated near a gym or an area where they can go for a run can make use of this nifty exercise. What really makes this exercise so good for the legs is that it targets multiple muscles while being very simple. All one would need for the work out to be done is an area where one can stand in- it is that space-efficient! Squats can help in developing the thighs and calves as much as toning the glutes. It is simply the go-to leg exercise for people who are short on space.


Step Exercises

Doing Step Exercises is a very effective way to get two kinds of exercises done with one routine. With standard fast paced Step Exercises, one can tone and work the leg muscles all the while doing some solid, fat-burning cardio exercises. People will enjoy the fact that instead of going to the gym, all one needs to have to be able to perform this exercise is a couple of steps in a staircase, or a solid and durable foot stool. Step Exercises are very good in particular for the lower part of the legs as they tend to tone that area more.



A sort of cousin of the Squat, Lunges prove to be very effective in not only helping to tone and work the legs, but also help in balance and coordination. Lunges also play a good part in helping strengthen the lower core. Lunges have now become a staple in standard workouts as people now see it as a good stretching exercise as well as a strengthening exercise. Lunges can also be done just about anywhere and don’t seem to need any special equipment. It can even be done without wearing shoes! Lunges should always be part of any workout regimen in the gym or just indoors.


Hip raises

Though not technically a leg exercise, Hip raises are also very effective and are quite a favorite among people who have had problems developing their core and lower body strength. Hip raises can be incorporated in just about any workout and is something that a lot of people can really do after working their abs and lower body. It helps tone the glutes as well as the calves.



Sprinting is most definitely something that is better than jogging. It is a cardio exercise that really helps the legs tone up and burn some fat. Sprinting has been proven to be able to burn more calories than regular jogging or brisk walking. With frequent rest intervals, sprinting can be done in a matter of minutes with results that are comparable to hours of jogging. If done right, sprinting can also be a very enjoyable workout.


Leg day never forgotten

Working out with the legs do not have to be boring and uninteresting. It doesn’t even have to be time-consuming. Leg exercises can be done just about anywhere and have little to no need of having special equipment. When doing exercises, it is important to never forget leg day, and with these exercises, they never will.