All About Steak

Steaks are any piece of meat that is under the category of “fast -cooking” cuts and it basically come one animal although cut differently. Here are some great beef highly protein cuts that will not sacrifice your lifestyle and fitness goals. Different kinds of fish and chickens are great source of protein. They are called as bodybuilding staples because people who work out eat an ample amount of it in order to reach their body goals. Then there is cheat day!

Beef is an excellent source also of protein including some nutrients that is needed by our body after all. However, if you are body conscious, your steak should depend on which cut is vital to your body’s need. You should choose a cut that is low in calories and saturated fat content.

How do you choose the best steak for you?

A rib- eye with a 12 oz. serving is full of fat on the surface which is consisting of 480 calories on the fat portion alone. Can you be able to handle all those things in one meal? It really helps to know which cut suits your diet. Whether you are out together with friends or families eating on a restaurant serving steaks or you are buying a cut on the supermarket, if you are body conscious then watch out on your calorie consumption. When dining on a restaurant, never ask the waiter which steak is the specialty of the house or their most quality steak cut since it will only put you on a very bad situation since it is expected to be flavorful, expect it also to be high in caloric content and of course high in saturated fats. For your information, fat enhances the flavor of the steak.

On the other hand, it does not mean you need to choose a dry beef cut. There are preparation methods also and other spices that can still add flavor on your steak cut minus the saturated fats. Read some more of the list below and find out the steaks which are rich in protein but less in fats. There are no beef cuts that are perfect for your specific diet but learn the secrets to do better when going at grocery stores. Another fact is the steaks which contain more fats on it are a lot pricier compared to the ones with less fat on it by the way.

Eye Of Round (Protein-To-Fat Ratio: 7:1)

Commonly known as a round steak, this steak is a lean cut and economical. Oftentimes, this type of steak has a coating of fat on both flat surfaces so it is best to trim the fats first before cooking. It is usually good when marinated first and then cook up to medium rare. The beef is cut near from the rear part of the legs or at the round portion of the animal. There is a heavy amount of protein in this steak and it gives off an adequate and absorb able iron excellent for workout enthusiasts because it boosts the energy and muscle level. How to prepare? This type of steak can be dry most of the time and a little bit tough. In order to tenderize this steak cut and add on some moisture the try to marinate it first for about one hour or you can also try mixing up oil, salt and an ample amount of soy sauce.

Sirloin-Tip Side Steak (Protein-To-Fat Ratio: 7:1)

Known as “knuckle steak, a type of steak is a leaner cut as well. It is taken on from the hip or top portion of the beef which is the round area of an animal as to not confuse it with the top sirloin steak cut. Since a steak is full of protein, this portion of the steak is also a rich foundation of niacin, the vitamin B derivative essential for the conversion of the food to energy which is needed in doing squat racks. How to prepare? In order to make this steak cut even leaner, trim off on the fat that can be seen on the surface of the steak before you proceed on cooking it. If you want, you can leave a little bit of white stuff on the steak to put on some great flavor. You can also shed the fat after grilling it.

Top Sirloin (Protein-To-Fat Ratio: 5:1)

Cut from the area of a loin section on the animal, this type of steak cut is very flavorful, average tenderness is an expected and the price is so worth it since it is budget- friendly. This type of steak cut has great taste minus the high calories and saturated fats. Top sirloin compared to other the red meats; it is very rich in natural creatine. Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid. Its main role is to make it easier for the recycling of the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energy currency of the cell in both the muscle tissue and the brain tissue. Creatine is recognized to deliver on improved strength. How to prepare? Do not overcook this steak cut since it is lean already, it is very quick to become tougher so much more than the shoe leather. What you should do is cook steak on a high heat but not more than like a medium- rare for about three minutes on each side portion.

Bottom Round (Protein-To-Fat Ratio: 4:1)

This steak cut is similar to the top round kind of steak. This is from the portion of the rump area on the is rich in protein and great source of selenium. Selenium is an effective antioxidant that helps during exercise recovery. How to prepare? Braise this steak cut or slow cook in a liquid for some time to keep the meat tender.

Skirt Steak (Protein-To-Fat Ratio: 2.5:1)

This steak cut is very rich and has beefy flavor minus the fats. It is cut from the muscles of animal. How to prepare? Grill or pan- sears the steak over a high heat. Slice the cooked steak thinly across its grain to break the meat fibers. Great for fajitas, sandwiches, and stir- fry meats. Avoid the following cuts: Rib- eye, T- bone, and Porterhouse steak.