Abs Exercise You Can Do With Your Foam Roller

Do you want a new routine for a more challenging workout? To increase the buildup of the strength for your abs, try to include these eight foam roller exercises. The use of a foam roller makes your core stronger and at the same time burns calories. Throughout the entire time while exercising, the foam roller produces an altered condition for equilibrium. This condition tenses your muscles and forms an added core stabilizer muscles to burn the calories. An increase of muscles being engaged means an increase of calories being burned as well.


Functional and aesthetic benefits are the result of a strong core during workout. For functional; (1) it allows your body to move properly during your daily activities and even during exercise. It keeps your body’s condition well balanced to reduce the risk of muscle injuries (2) it also maintains and improves body posture to decrease or relieve the tension from your lower back area. Moreover for the aesthetic benefit which we are all severely excited about, (3) it tones and tightens the stomach area making you feel healthier and always ready to flaunt.

Core training is done two to four times per week. It is simply doing specific exercises to develop and to strengthen the stabilizer muscles thus it is extremely important to include it in your workout plan. For beginners, it is essential to do these exercises in areas which are safe and stable like the floor for example. When doing the exercise, include on one or two foam roller exercises at a time. Learn to master each slowly and incorporate the other one after. Perform two sets of exercises with 15-20 repetitions. For the more advanced, it is best to include five to six foam roller exercises and perform a killer circuit- style fitness workout. Aim for two to three rounds with 10-15 repetitions on each exercise and don’t forget to rest for two minutes in between each round.


Points to consider:

* Put your feet close to each other on the floor when you rest in a horizontal position on the foam roller for a more intensified type of workout.

* Focus on your core and give added physical support or strength when doing every type of exercise More importantly, an increase of deep core stabilizers will start off by following these two very basic tips resulting to a more stable and strengthened core.

  1. Plank- Try to keep your balance and bend your elbows slightly. Put your body’s weight in the lower part of your arm (between your elbow and wrist). Check if your elbow and shoulders are in line with each other. Slowly move and change the position of the foam roller while making sure that your shin is relaxed and not moving on it. Then press your core together while maintaining a straight body. Do this for as long as you can endure. This position is good for overall toning of your core muscles.
  2. Sit Up with Reach- Place the foam roller at your back with your body proportional to it. Straighten both of your arms to form a 45- degree angle. Bend your knees and put your feet horizontally on the floor then slowly lift it to form a pointed toe. While maintaining this position, tighten your stomach area. Raise your torso up to your thigh to make a 90- degree angle then slowly move it back down lower than your torso. Does it all again as long as you want.
  3. Cross Climbers– put both of your hands horizontally on the floor. Then slowly transfer your weight to your hands while supporting your body with both your arms straight. Keep your shoulders in line with your hands. Place your ankles on the roller. Contract your abdominal area and bend your knees while trying to lift your right thigh up to your stomach. Repeat this routine and do the same thing with the use of your left leg. Execute as desired.
  4. Leg Pull-In– Form a horizontal position with the foal roller by sitting on it. By doing so, all of your weight is being placed on your buttocks so send some of it towards your fingers. Place your fingers on the floor on your backside and point it to the direction of the foam roller. Raise your legs upward and straightforward. Through the use of your abdominal muscles, exert force upon and move your legs backward to your stomach area as well as fold your knees to imitate a 45-degree angle position. Perform the routine exercise as many times as you can to give strength and firmness particularly on the muscles located on the lower part of your abdomen.


  1. Knee Pull-In- Let your fingers point straightaway while you position your hands on the level of the floor. Stretch forth your arms when you displace your body’s weight towards your hands. Straighten your shoulders in a way that it stays aligned with your hands. Try to maneuver on the foam roller and relax your upper shins on it. Contract your lower abdomen. Hold onto and move your knees along the course of your hands to let the foam roller slip along your shins up to your ankle part. Go through the exercise routine all over again depending on your need
  2. Opposite Hand to Leg- Assume a vertical position wherein the foam roller should support your shoulder blades. Stretch out your left arm at the back of your head and raise your right leg upward. Use your lower abdominal muscles to stretch and raise your right leg off the floor. At the same time make an effort to stretch your upper abdominal muscles to rise up your upper back from the roller. Next is let your right arm move downward to meet your right leg and contract your abdominal muscles prior to coming back to your original position from the start. Do this also to your right arm and left leg after performing the routine as many times as you like.
  3. Twist– Lay on the foam roller in a vertical position to give weight on your buttocks. Put your feet parallel to the ground while folding your knees assuming a 90-degree angle position. Hold heavy objects used for exercise on both your left and right hand like dumbbells for example but try to at least keep it a distance away from your body. Be in a position ready to turn around from left side to right side to transfer your weight with the use of your torso. Try to stretch your oblique abdominal muscles by doing this exercise. Go through this routine over again as long as you want.
  4. Side-to-Side– Do a vertical position similar to the foam roller. Make sure your shoulder blades touch the roller. Establish a fixed position with your feet staying and horizontally placed on the floor. Keep your knees bent while your toes are pointing straightforwardly. Hold a heavy object or anything used for exercise ( i.e., medicine ball or dumbbells) on your left and right hand. Assume a 90- degree angle using your torso while you try to stretch forth your hands. Put your body’s weight from each side to another side as long as tolerated. Do not forget to continue to straighten out your arms and keep your spine closely on the foam roller. This exercise focuses to firm and strengthen both your upper abdominal muscles and oblique muscles. Perform repetitions as often as desired.