7 Things To Remember When Eating To Lose Weight

Losing weight is just about next to finding the Holy Grail in the list of elusive secrets that the modern person just can’t help but seek out. For others, it comes very naturally, but for most it is very challenging. It is no secret that one of the keys to losing weight is eating right. The secret though is doing it correctly. In line with this, here are 7 things to remember when eating to lose weight:

1. Count the Calories– Some people make the fatal mistake of assuming that less is more. Sometimes they assume that something that looks small or of little amount is better for losing weight than eating something of bigger size. What they should look for is the calorie count. It may seem counter intuitive but some small foods actually have higher calorie content than bigger ones. For instance, a cupcake may seem a little harmless snack compared to a larger fruit but in fact may be more loaded with calories.

Calorie Counter

2. Do not do crash dieting– Any health and fitness experts will attest to the fact that crash dieting is a no-no. A lot of people seem to think that abstaining from meals will achieve fast results, and they’re mostly right. But after that, the body goes back to eating much and gaining back the weight lost.

Crash Dieting

3. Do not rely on supplements– Taking of supplements are not really not a bad idea. In fact, supplements are really recommended especially for people with slow metabolism and need all the help they can get. The harm comes in relying solely on supplements to do all the work. Supplements can really help give the boost in metabolism and the curbing of appetite that can make a difference in weight loss, but it should be noted that hard-work plays the most significant part in shedding those extra pounds.

No to Supplements

4. Nutrition first– What people sometimes forget is that it is always imperious to have proper nutrition even when dieting or eating to lose weight. Some people, like bodybuilders, often make the mistake of eating only proteins and lean meat and completely getting rid of fats and oils and carbohydrates, which are important in moderate amounts. Still eating a balanced diet is just as important as ever in watching one’s weight.

Food Pyramid

5. Mind the quality– A lot of individuals actually lose track of the food that they eat as long as they think it’s good for them. What people should note is the quality of the preparation of the food. Lean chicken breasts are better than fried legs when it comes to nutritional quality and muscle building. Preparation is also key, as baked potatoes are a lot more helpful than French fries. When looking into quality of how a meal is prepared, always as a rule try to go for the type of food that underwent the least frying and the least preservatives used.

Quality check

6. Small and frequent– When eating right is the issue, it is really advised to take small and frequent feedings throughout the day. The case with just eating 3 meals a day is that having that much spacing between meals makes one hungrier before each meal, which in turn results to having more appetite come mealtime and eating a lot more than supposed. Also, digestion is heavier when meals are heavier. Instead, small frequent feedings can be done to help curb appetite and put less pressure on the digestive system.

Small Frequent Meals

7. Combine with exercise– As with other things, diet should not be the sole solution to weight loss problems. It’s one thing to eat properly and get good nutrition all the while lowering calorie intake and promoting proper shedding of unwanted fat, and it’s also another to actively improve one’s state of health. No matter how much one can diet and eat right, it will still not yield the best results unless coupled with proper exercising. Not moving enough impedes proper circulation and also contributes to low energy levels. Also, exercise promotes proper and faster fat metabolism and is just having the proper nutrition used as fuel.


Losing weight might be troublesome for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. Just remembering these few things would help one get going in the path to a healthier body.